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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

" Thank U so much for  believing In Us..." - D'banj for Observer Magazine Cover.

"I keep saying this year is going to be a great one. All you need do is 'sign the right deal' and it is no surprise that D'banj knows how it works."

"The Beginning ..... I started this Gangster ish ( in Dre's Voice )lol .... But my shout out this morning is specially for the people that work selflessly  behind a Brand , back stage making the magic happen. Publicist, managers , PA's , booking agents , lawyers , marketers, accountants  and Executive producers , God bless you all ."

"Today it's @missamadi, A powerful , determined and hardworking Publicist. Incase U don't know from Estelle, Genevive ,Whitney houston ,  to myself Bangalee to mention a few -- yep this cover  in 2012 to now @davidoofficial  Movement , thank U so much ma for living so Selfless for the industry and seeing Potentials before Most , we need more people like you in all the aspects of the industry  and without a doubt a Full TAKEOVER  is Eminent... Thank U so much for  believing In Us." 

"If U are like @missamadi then Pls be sure the AFrican Creative industry needs you and yes You Need Us too  .we have so much  Success story to tell , Come help us  Share this to the World . Have a Kokocious Week...OooSssHhhEee"

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