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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Joke of the Week! Case of a Woman who Killed  Her Husband.

LAWYER: Now woman, tell us exactly what happened, resulting in you killing your own husband.

WOMAN: Hmmm my Lord, Lawyer, on that fateful day, I was
watching T.V. in the sitting room when my husband came back
from town. He rushed me and dragged me unto the bed in the bedroom. He then laid on top of me and started romancing me: fondling my breast and sucking my nipples, strokin my clitoris n 'V' part while kissing me

LAWYER: (Clears his throat strongly.) Yees, continue.

WOMAN: Hmmm, he then held my legs and opened them wide
apart. At this point, I was so wet and ready for sex. But before I
realized he got off me and then shouted...... "APRIL FOOOOOOLLL!!..." .

BOTH LAWYER AND JUDGE: Whaaaaaattt!!!... That fool deserves to die... Nonsense.



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