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Friday, 1 April 2016

Hi! Tunde Alabi Lawal needs your help! -

Tunde Alabi Lawal, a fine shoe maker, needs your help.
A fan mentioned me on his profile and this I believe will go a long way. Please don't just read, share or help directly.

" I need a help from a Good hearted Nigerians.
I still have more than ten bullets in my spine and We just found a hospital in Cotonou (cost of 3million naira) and with 100% assurance of me walking with my two legs before coming back..pls Am begging Everyone to come to my rescue.


6080096169 TUNDE ALABI LAWAL fidelity bank."

To confirm yourself, check his instsgram page @tunde4life81 .

P.S This doesn't mean you shouldn't confirm before sending anything...just trying to help.


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