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Monday, 25 April 2016

Why You Shouldn't miss Dj Dew's next Jersey Party (photos) #djdewsofficialjerseyparty

It was hosted by Dj Dew under  Dew Entertainment at The Place, Ikeja on Thursday, 17 of March, 2016. The buzz was on point as well as the hype which was supported by Gbetu Tv.

The Music policy was Dj Leezy ace, DJ Centeliba, DJ Awhizy and DJ Andre Mayani while the hype men were Nigobrown, Uzio and Mr Maomi.

I must confess Dj Centeliba was on point since I was on party mode, he made as good manager.
I got hotter when Terry G bounced in with his crew as it was his birthday celebration as well. What a night with less talk and more wiggle.

I'm Done!

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Enjoy other photos below.

All photos credit goes to Boyeshadow.

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