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Wednesday, 28 September 2016


"Minzain" whose  real name is Micheal Moses, is a newly signed artiste of 'The Shield Music'.

With a numbers of previously released songs, Minzain has been able to show his fans just how consistent he can be when it comes to delivering hits.

Here is one from him titled 'Baller'*, a combination of Afro-beat and Pop, produced by @Iamnimsly

The song tells of how one need not struggle hard to be an achiever. It
encourages one to do his/her best and leave the rest for God.

Also the Shield Music is promising to give $1000 to anyone who can convince them the song is poor.

Send your reasons to: shieldmediaandpublishing@gmail.com

Download MP3  

*Twitter;* @IamMinzain
*IG;* @Iamminzain

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