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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Adebukola Shittu brutalised by Husband few months after wedding. (photos)

Just few months after Sweet Marriage, Nigeria female drummer, Adebukola Shittu is brutalised with Bitter Slaps by her "Mike Tyson husband".

The drummer took to social media to post some of the photos of her brutalised.

The victim's friend, identify as March Grey also posted some photos and wrote:

“Look at what he did to her just after few months of marriage. Some of us here will know this lady, Adebukola Shittu the popular Nigeria female drummer. “She’s a friend of mine pls this kind of man must not go unpunished.”

Most of this photos are sensitive, so here is one below.
Photo of Adebukola Shittu brutalised

Adebukola Shittu and husband

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