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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Aww! See what Daphne Osena wrote to Husband

Gorgeous when women take time to appreciate their husband especially "celebrities", not those that look for every way to quarrel so they can become famous.

Read what Tv host and producer Daphne Osena Peaz  wrote to her husband. She tagged this #EarlyMomentsMatter - buttressing major facts.

Dear Patrick,Being parents to our three girls is one of the biggest blessings in our life together. Seeing them thrive in every stage of their young lives is an amazing achievement for both of us; and I am so grateful to be in this journey with you by my side. We know there will be challenges that each child will face, but having you as their loving and doting Super-Dad gives them extra strength to face the world.
I look back fondly at the time when we were new parents—those long, sleepless nights with each baby’s crying fits and diaper changes; and even when one of the girls’ poop leaked and dropped on my toes while we were out for a walk. We can now laugh at those moments, even though back then I’d sometimes ask if I was failing as a mother. You joyfully took on half of the many responsibilities—like lovingly burping the babies after each time I fed them.

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