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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Facts About LifeStraw

Just in case you are having doubts about using LifeStraw, here are some interesting facts about it.

- Mikkel Vesteegaard Frandsen is the brain behind LifeStraw

- LifeStraw is basically a human-powered filter.

- LifeStraw eliminates 99.9 per cent of bacteria and virus in contaminated water before it gets into your mouth.

- Every LifeStraw has a mass of hollow fibers with pores measuring 0.2 microns across. These pores trap microscopic organisms but allow the water to pass freely, making it an extremely efficient microfiltration device.

Read: What is LifeStraw?

- The LifeStraw filtration system weeds out 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella, and 99.9 percent of waterborne protozoa, including cryptosporidium.  This saves you from sucking down some unfiltered crypto which could lead to you contracting diarrhea - vomiting and fever for weeks.

Health is wealth, be smart!

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