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Yabatech Heros Awards Theme Song (YAHA2017)

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Monday, 13 November 2017


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The word Amen which means "so be it" or "let it be so" has been used for a very long time before Christ and after his death.

It is one of the many names attributed to Jesus in the bible, it is a title to Christ, it can be found in so many bible verses, from the old testament to the new testament.

Amen is an affirmation to a declaration, be it a prophesy, a wish or a prayer. It is a word commonly used by Christians, Muslims, traditional worshipers and even pagans.

The Christians say "Amen" during worship, praise, prayers . The Muslims say "Amin" after their prayers, and also the traditional worshipers say "ise , asé , ofor" etc., depending on the tribe.

Even the pagans use the word "Amen", it has now become a norm that is even said during a discussion or conversation, In order words it is a final word.

There is a strong believe that every word declared, prophesied and  ended with amen comes to pass.

It gives assurance of something we want done and expresses a strong agreement.

Agunabu Victoria. 

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