10 Things Tinubu said in Anambra on Tuesday

2023 elections: Calls for run-off poll baseless – Tinubu

These are five words on the marble uttered by APC’s Bola Tinubu at his campaign rally in Anambra on Tuesday, 31st January, 2023.

10 Things Tinubu said in Anambra on Tuesday
10 Things Tinubu said in Anambra on Tuesday
  1. “We are not like PDP that forgot your rail line. They are liars. When you hear Atiku use the word and say “Wallahi talahi,” what is in his head is “na lie I lie.” Anytime you hear him say, “Walahi talahi,” just reply and say, “na lie I lie.”


  1. “The man who left here, he calls himself Peter Obi. We read in the bible that before the cock crows, he will deny Jesus Christ. Is it not true? So how can he keep his promise to you? He can not prove a point. Has Bola Tinubu not proved a point? Did I close any market? Did I kill anyone? I’m a thinker and a doer, I even tamed the Atlantic.”


  1. “Soludo your son is not contesting with me or against me. He is a brilliant man, he has the brain, he is a thinker, he knows the way. We will work together. When I become the president, Soludo will be one of those advisers who will bring prosperity back to you. So the way you voted for Soludo is the way you vote for Bola Tinubu.”


  1. “You want to make Anambra a highly dependable state right? That is the memory of my dear friend Chuba Okadigbo. That is what we will continue to carry on – the joy of Chuba Okadigbo.”


  1. “Youths of Anambra, I’m here today to concretize the promise of development that will promise you restoration and industrialisation.


  1. “You know me, you know Tinubu, the city boy of Lagos? You know I had the Atlantic tamed in Lagos. The way we tamed the Atlantic Ocean is the same way we will tame the erosion in the eastern region. We will tame the erosion. We will make the value of your property worth more than 1,000 times of your investment.


  1. “We will create jobs for our youths. We will industrialize and make Anambra both the economic city and the economic centre of Nigeria. Your resources will be applied to create handwork and hard work, better-paying jobs.”


  1. “We are not like the other party that come here to lie to you. Tell them when they bring their lie, ask them how long will it take their lies to travel from Port Harcourt to Onitsha, Onitsha to Aba.


  1. “For 16 years, PDP lied that they will give industrialisation, but instead they sold our assets to themselves and they called it privatization. Privatization to their own pockets. They privatized the industry to their pockets.


  1. “The hour has come, your PVC is the master, the voice of commandment. Atiku said he is the candidate of the North, is that not a dog whistle? Is that not a division among us? Anambra people lived well, in prosperity and joy with me in Lagos. I started paying WAEC fees, I didn’t discriminate whether you are Igbo, Christian or anybody, I paid for everybody,” Tinubu said.
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