14 Bills Sponsored by Senator Andy Uba

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So far in the 8th Senate, Senator ANDY UBA has sponsored 14 Bills and Moved 4 Motion
They are:

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1. A Bill for an Act to Amend the Companies income tax, 2015
2. A Bill for an Act to provide for Delegated Legislation (Monitoring and Control) Bill, 2015
3. A Bill for an Act to enact the Criminal Injuries Compesation Bill, 2015
4. Corrupt Practices and other related offences Amendment Bill, 2015
5. A Bill for an Act to repeal the Nigerian Railway Corporation Act and enact the Nigerian Railway Corporation Bill, 2015
6. A Bill for an Act to amend the Public Holiday Act 2010 and for other matters connected therewith, 2015
7. A Bill for an Act to establish the Nigerian Infrastructure Fund, and for other related matters
8. A Bill for an Act to amend the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund Act, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2015
9. A Bill for an Act to amend the National Inland Waterways Act, 2015
10. Federal Consumer Protection Bill, 2015
11. A Bill for an Act to establish the National Transport Commission Bill 2016
12. National Road Fund Bill, 2016
13. Nigeria Ports and Harbours Authority Bill, 2016
14. Nigerian Postal Commission Bill, 2016

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1. Motion on the need to investigate the mismanagement of Grants from the Global Good Fund
2. Motion on the sudden prevalence of cultism and the need for an urgent action to be taken to curb the menace
3. Motion on flooding and managing the challenges of the rainy season
4. Motion on the plight of Casual Teachers in the Educator sector, and the need for the federal government to take an urgent action

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First Comments

– Human capital development champion in Anambra State.

– He is going no where 100%…let him go and rest this are same so called Igbo leaders that sold us out and work for their own selfish interests #AndyUbaredcard

– We are replacing Andy uba. With ifeanyi uba come 2019

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