2 Guys Did Stan Browney Pushups Challenge for 30 Days; the Results

Stan Browney has undergone several bodyweight exercise programs on his YouTube channel, including the now-ubiquitous challenge of doing pushups every day for a month. In a new video, he recruits two newcomers, Lennard and Luc, to explore whether 30 non-stop days of pushups are actually the best way to build strength and muscle.


On the first day of the challenge, both Lennard and Luc are able to perform a maximum of 35 consecutive pushup reps before reaching failure. To add extra incentive to their training, Browney informs them that they will each receive $10 for every extra rep they are able to do in a row on day 30.

2 Guys Did Stan Browney Pushups Challenge for 30 Days; the Results
2 Guys Did Stan Browney Pushups Challenge for 30 Days; the Results

However, each man follows a slightly different plan to see which is more effective. Luc’s instructions are simply to do 200 pushups every day for 30 days, while Lennard has the more specific strategy of doing pushups every other day, allowing for alternating rest days.


In each push workout he performs 5 sets of pushups, then one more max set, averaging around 60 reps per day. Will Luc’s high-volume sessions equate to more gains, or will Lennard show more visible results due to giving his muscles time to recover?


“I’m happy this challenge actually has a structure, instead of just doing 200 pushups every day,” says Lennard. “It’s basically 15 workouts.”


At the end of the month, Luc has lost a little weight, dropping from 157.9 pounds to 155.6, although there is no growth to his chest or arms. Lennard, on the other hand, has gained a little weight, going from 168.7 pounds to 169.3, with growth of 2cm on his chest. Then it’s time for them each to demonstrate how their performance and endurance in the pushups has improved over the last 30 days: Lennard increases his max reps from 35 to 40, and Luc increases his from 35 to 47.

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