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"Dear G.TV Blog Readers! What can I do?"

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Dear G.Tv Blog Readers, I have decided to share my still-in-progress life story with the M.C.P.A Section, cos this is where my story fits.

My name is Divas,I am 18years old, a chriatain and I am from Osun State. I finished my Seniour Secondary education in 2013. Wrote jamb my score was very good, wrote post jamb at benin but it didn't work out for me, so I started working instead of sitting at home.

I just have to, for the main time.

Things have been kind of hard for my family. Instead of me working to process admission into my school of my choice, I had to be working to take care of my junior ones 'cos they are still schooling and my dad has no job, and mum business, is not really good.

Now time is not on my side so ave decided dat I will enter school even though it's part-time. "I will do this with the help of my uncle that I met two weeks ago, that asked about my school and said we need to talk, so I pray God will touch him.

I have worked for two years now. The first was just 6 months and since then in a supermarket.

It not my wish to work at this stage but wat will I do? I have to assist my family and do few things for myself!

If I have enough money, I will sort out my education and that of my siblings, family issue and better business for my mom... I think its the wise things to do.

I don't like my life as a lady 'cos am suppose to be a great gurl. I should be in school by now!

I should be able to take care of my education, family issue, my siblings education, assist my mom little business...and daddy's!

Now all I do is "Zaik's"; working as sales girl- attend to customers and fill the empty shelf, from Sunday to Sunday, 8:30am to 7:30pm, except Tuesdays, my off. I am allowed to church on Sunday though.

But is that the life I want to live? No!

I hope to gain admission in Yaba College of Technology, Jibowu-Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, to accounting.

Though many people have told me about me fitting for a model, but I don't know is there is course for Modeling, moreover I will need someone to put me through.

I wish to become a model and more!

What do you think?
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