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Good day G.TV Blog Readers! How are you.

Like always, I look for ways to add to peoples life, but making sure anything I do have not been done before, if it has, shouldn't be popular, least make an improvement on it.

I hope to or start the fight against Cancer, Segregation and Killer Opinions (opinion you get from people that require you to do what they want and not what you want, which virtually will make you the same thing so many people are and nothing new to Earth).

This I call "The Gbetu Fadaka Reality Blog"(G.F.R Blog).
It is a forum where I will share the complete story of a persons life: challenges, pain, success, what have you?
Some details, like name, location, might be excluded, depending on the sharer, and don't worry you will get to see mine.

This section will be titled: "My Challenge, My Pain and My Achievement, which will also be known as the M.C.P.A Section.

First story will be coming shortly, from a young hardworking lady, I hope to get stories from "adult-ladies".

Please do not hesitate to comment.


Fadaka Louis

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