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Here is complete photo-story about the Latest Hair-style in Town- Fade

Fade is the latest and 'doppest' hairstyle in town right now.

It comes in different angles and are never equal.

As an experience Fade carrier, your Fade-style will depend on your head shape and size.

As usual, you don't do a style because its in vogue, even if you must trend along, you must know which to trend with.

I remember when it was "galas" reigning, people with "big head" were carrying "galas" and I just be like #saywaht, 'cos it can't work, unless your stylist is your best friend, he would figure it...but no with  slim dude.

Anyways, here are six pictorial descriptions of Fade, you can chose the one that suits you.

The beautiful thing about Fade is that, it comes in variety and trust me, it works with anyone that likes trending.

Moreso, I am having Classic Fade, which is yours?

Credit: Business Insider

Fadaka Louis

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