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Hey! Wonder what Dflex and Richy (of Nigeria Got Talent have been up to lately?) Then you must see these(photos)


Sometime last week, while discussing  this , I told you we have "badass" flex-flex kings here in Nigeria.

Well some of you might be familia with them while some of you are not.

They are one of the most flexible on earth and most popular here in Nigeria.

Recently they started this thing called "De Twist Revolutionist"; and I have been angry with them since them, 'cos they transformed from "biscuit bone" to "rubber"!

Hey! Not my fault nah! I tried just this one...

...this one...since then I've got hand on my waist!

"No be small thing!"

Well I know say "you no send me", you want to flex with them shae?

Join the campaign on Twitter and Instagram #DeTwistRevolutionist

Do that and tagg @gbet_tv on Instagram and @gbetublog , i.e, .....#DeTwistRevolutionist @gbetu_tv/@gbetublog and you get a follow back and shoutout!

Let these photos motivate you:

Get them on your finger tips by following them on their social media platforms.

Facebook: Drofficial101

Twitter: @drofficial101


Or visit their web page on

You will love these Contortionists

Fadaka Louis

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