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Spoken Word: "The Act of Shrinking"

The Act of Shrinking

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking. We simply settle for less.

Today, let's reflect about the act of shrinking ourselves. Is it right or wrong? Most of us would say its a sign of humility or a bid to fit in. When we shrink ourselves, we pull inwards our self expression and our personal needs. We hide from who we really are, we keep our knowledge and potentials to ourselves.

This can seriously damage our sense of self. It isn't just limited to physical appearance; we hide our emotions, thoughts and the things we enjoy to please others or to feel among.

We are constantly afraid of what people would say. We don't want to have enemies, we want to be in good terms with everyone, with the society. We downgrade ourselves by letting the opinion of others rule/control us. This is very wrong! 

You're good enough, you're amazing, in fact. Your thoughts and dreams are valid and powerful. Express yourself. Pursue your dreams. Be daring!
Show to the world who you really are.

Ignore the critics, those who can't wait to see you make a mistake so they can lash hard at you.  Mistakes are necessary for you to grow, no matter how many times it happens. Let go of the fear of making mistakes and live life the way it comes. "Live and learn" that should be your motto.
Forget the bandwagon. Be your authentic self in every area of your life. You will naturally attract people and opportunities who will lift you up.
Its time to set your beautiful and wonderful self completely free.

Live your life and never look back or sideways. You can change the direction of your sails and head back to where the sun is shining.

- Ezinne Immaculate

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