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Gbetu Face Of The Week: Meet Eze Blessing Chukwunonso @missmaey1995

Blessing, also known as Miss Mary is a fresh-slim model you must learn about. Industries involved, scoop her asap!

Name: Eze Blessing Chukwunonso
Nick Name: Missmaey
Date of Birth: 2nd Nov 1995
State of Origin: Enugu state
Religion: Christianity
Institution: University of Nsukka
Course: Theater Arts
Interest: Modelling, acting, singing, writing poems, novels and movie scripts.
Best Quote: Am a unique being
Like: I love being happy.
Hatred: I hate being sad.
Contact: ‪+234 708 622 1638‬
Facebook: Missmaey polly
Twitter: Missmaey Polly(@missmaey1995)
Instgram: @iamMaeykillasge
Favourite Artiste: Soldier boy
Favourite Song of Artiste: "Blowing me kisses"
Favourite Fruit: Banana
Flavour if where an Ice cream: Strawberry
Favourite Food: Okra soup/pounded yam
Height: 5.6
Weight: 52
Hidden Talent: Inspiring people
Sing in Shower: Yes
Most Sang Shower Song: According mood
Favourite Clothing Material: Nill

Gbetu Game: "This or That"

- Netflix or party?             -- Netflix

- Jeans or joggers?          -- Jeans

- Summer or winter?       -- Winter

- iPhone or android?        -- Android

- Alcohol or water?           -- Water

- Nike or adidas?               -- Adidas

- Deep talks or silence?   -- Silence

- Hoodies or jackets?       -- Hoodies

- Nigeria or Ghana?          -- Nigeria

- Laugh or smile?             -- lol! Laugh

Fadaka: Finally, What do u hope to achieve in the next five years and are you proud of your country Nigeria?

Miss Maey: next five years! I would have published my books(poems and novels etc) and they would be booming in sales. Then will be emerging the best In various awards. My movie scripts would be auctioned for by the best directors world wide and I ll b named the living legend of the pen. Then I would have set up an organization for less privileged. Known as a world famous model and singer. Lol!... am I greedy?

Fadaka : Nope

Miss Maey: Just dah... its my goal and I must achieve with GOD.

My name will be written in the heart of human, rain can wipe it away from the sands of time and rocks can be demolished if I engrave it there and I love my country Nigeria, its left for me to make it a country I and the entire universe would be forever proud of.

Thank you!

Didn't I tell you! Oya don't miss her!


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