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Gbetu Face of November! Ibrahim Ololade @ololadelolisexy @ololadeadunny @VichVitalis @gbetublog

Welcome! This is an interview with Ibrahim Abosede Ololade, a.k.a Lade. She is a renowned model and have made apperances in Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria, Agbeke Eko and other important pagentries and runway shows.

Miss Lola has been in the Nigerian Modeling Industry for four years.

Gbetu was privileged to run this interview, as she is always on the move.

Shout out to the Next Movie Star (African reloaded) finalist, Vitalis Ezeiruaku, aka, Vich Vitalis, who was also around at that moment, assisted in making this interview more interesting.

Please enjoy!

Fadaka: Let meet you Lola

I Am Ibrahim Abosede Ololade. A student of Yaba College of Technology, studying Mass Communication. I am a model.

Vich: Why modeling?

I model because I have passion for it, so from my passion I developed interest, and I decided to choose it as a career.

Fadaka: Ow! That's nice. So how long have you been in this profession?

Thank you. I have been into modeling for like 4 Years now.

Vich: Wow! What has been ur challenges so far?

I have been through lots of challenges. Like going for casting and the instructor wanting to get down with you, not that u ain't good but they refuse to pick you for the job, all because of favouritism - they will choose their people... or like going for auditions, and you where picked but before you knw it, you see you are out of the game. I knw some modeling companies that do such but I don't want to mention names here.

Vich: OK! Outside modeling what else should we see you soon?

Hmmmm! Outside modeling you should be expecting something new, like seeing me in a home video, bcecause I love acting as well.

Vich: It will be nice to see you there! Back to modeling, tell us about your low point and high point, I mean the memorable moments, good and bad ones.

Lolade: Lol! Waoooh! Let me start from the good side of it.

Vich: Ok!

The most memorable good day, was when I won Miss Amity 2014 in Lagos state, in a pageant called AGBEKE EKO and the other side of it, is when I went for a pageant in ijebu Ode, 2012, and I won nothing.

Vich: Wow! Nice one, let me take u back a bit, I want to know the kind of person you are, tell me ur personal profile?

I am from a polygamous family, from my mum, we are four, 3 girls one boy. I am the first born to my mum. Am from Lagos state, Ifako Ijaye local government. I love travelling and meeting people. I love art n culture. My favourite food is yam n stew but sometimes I prefer red oil with the yam, red oil mix with salt *smiles*

Vich : Hmmmm, that's nice, I like your simplicity!

Thank you Mr vich

VITALIS: Describe Lolade in 5 words?

Simple, jovial ,fun, no-sh*t and classic . I am classic in my own way.

VITALIS: You are classic in our own way, what's  fashion to you?

Fadaka: And what are your favourite fashion brand?

Fashion to me, I will say is something in vogue, what u wear and feel comfortable with. Fashion is something latest. Fashion is a popular style of practise.

VITALIS: So what will you say Style is?

Style in my own view is a particular procedure by which something is been  done; a manner or way.

VITALIS: So what your fashion Style? 

Lols! Mr Vich! Fashion my own view, I will say, is what you u design or come up with that is suitable and convenient for you and not just any design, some in vogue and fashionable.

VITALIS: Nice, ok away from Fashion and Style.


VITALIS: As a model and also someone we hope to see in the film industry pretty soon, what come first for you, Family or Career ?

As for now, I will say my career, simply because I am still young. I need to finish my education. Moreover, everything in life is a gradual process, step by step, one successful thing will lead to another.

VITALIS: Majority will choose Family, why didn't you?

U mean family like getting married,bearing kids,right?

Vich: No, like parents, siblings etc.

Mr Vich... see family comes first. They are the primary people supporting my career! My family first, most especially my mum! She my everything, she's all I have got. She's my hero. She encourage me, she support me, she fights for me to live, she give me life, infact she's all.

Fadaka: Chai! Vich, now I am becoming emotional!

VITALIS: Lol! Lola, any man in your life now?

Lips sealed on that.

VITALIS: Lol just let me in a bit


Fadaka: Or is he someone we know ?

Fadaka: And do you have a nick name?

Okay, I am popularly know as LADE.

Fadaka: So I can call you miss Lad then?


Fadaka: Making me think of "Ladi" by Phyno, Lilkesh and Olamide

Lolz! It's Miss Lade not Miss Ladi.

Fadaka: Let's go Food and Fruit; If you were a fruit, what would you be?

Lol, that funny. Okay I will choose orange becoz orange has lots of vitamin

Fadaka: Ok! So what's your favourite fruit then?


Fadaka: Does that mean you like orange juice?


VITALIS E: Or German juice?


Fadaka: Lade, let's discuss, runway. Truthfully, do you think "big" people should be allowed on runways?

Lolade: Lol! Yeah! There is plus size models. And they do fashion shows too.

Fadaka: How do you mean pluse size models, for the sake of readers.

Plus size model means big model,fat n tall.

Fadaka: That's interesting, but how come we never see them on the same run-way?

Lolade: Lol! It depend on what the designer wants.

Fadaka: Mmm...Let's round up with this. Do you have any project you are working on.


Fadaka: Can we know more? Shed light on it please!

Lola: Its still in progress please, I will let you and my fans know once its ready.

Fadaka: Ok! That's a rap. Thank Lade for granting this interview.

You're welcome... I had fun though. *smiles*

Fadaka: And thank you Vich for assisting.

Vich: Pleasure!

I hope you enjoyed it or learn somethings. Meanwhile, got someone who mailed me earlier saying you only feature black models. Am so sorry dear! I am not a racist. I will feature a white girl, slim or fat arsed, but until then I have to maximize those around me. And hey, you know before other candies there is always chocolate. Lolz!

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