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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year From Gbetu Tv (Fadaka Louis) 1

It's been an interesting year. The year 2015, to me came with excitement and dreams to achieve. The first six months were smooth, fine, fun, motivating and so on. This year we had funny eclipse, and funny reports of earth going dark for a whole month, got over a thousand views for this post alone, people can fear!

The last six month was hectic. It came with multiple challenges for those who it was their turn to test but with my observation, it happened to more people: loss of job or treat to loose it; more music release but less hits from up coming especially from the rising; more deaths recorded and multiple ideas with less sponsors due to financial challenges, remember not for all. I guess these are tests from your creator- the first six for enjoyment and the last for you to strive. For those of you that lost a friend or family prematurely, may God strengthen you, I lost a king too.

For Gbetu, mmm, it's been fulfilling. Thank God for wisdom, I always plan, though not all came to pass but most were on point. I got to meet the best and worst bloggers in Nigeria and few abroad. I met those those that are just there to rip others.

I gained divine support from those I never knew and don't think I will ever meet. I don't know why people get lesser support from those close to them, this I have tasted as well, but at each success they are always the first to taste 'fried rice'.

I want to use this opportunity to appreciate those who make it their duty to support good things. Those who have consciously supported Gbetu(me). Those who have made it their obligation to stand by me -Franca Raphael, Tijani Opeyemi, Ope Mike(Arks Global Publication), Nifemi(Airshirt Media), Blossom, Shola Giwa, Kayode (Kaywrites Aluko), Aciby(Acybis, Victor Kalu (My V Clothings), Yabatech Olofofo, Troms, Brainee, Train, Ephraim, Cashout, my active instagram and twitter followers,especially those that turn on notification, Yabatech Amacos, Temi, Ololade Aduni, Members of Nigerian Army, Members of Army Cadet(Yabatech chapter), Mr Jerry, Mr Okeke A., D1, my immediate and extended family and those I missed. God Bless You All.

Too much plans for this year. Things that haven't happened will happen this year as well as surprises. Don't forget as a personal rule, I will be there for you if you support my growth, I keep record, not like I discard new deals but there will be test.

Meanwhile, I want to use this opportunity to apologise to those I have offended directly and indirectly. For those I know about- fellow bloggers and fams, I have seen your messages and I promise to treat them accordingly. If it is music, relax, with hard work and God you can still make it without me and for the events, remember I have my own life, but still I am sorry. And for every other person, 'no carry vex enter new year, I beg'. For the paid ads, I will serve you better this year, trust.

Finally, for your advertisement, promotions, events and so on, do send me mail to gbetufadaka@gmail.com or whatsapp or call +2349083331619. Strictly business please.

Don't forget my social platforms:
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I am Fadaka Louis. Welcome to 2016!

Fadaka Louis

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