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Long  before now, the Lekki - Ajah axis was known for one thing alone, the fact that it is/was only the high dignitaries who could be resident in this axis. On social media then, if you as a guy wanted to impress a lady online, you could just bluff of saying you stay at Lekki and the lady (some ladies) would be head over heels for you.

But that does not pull any trigger anymore as the selling point is now the "BANANA ISLAND". I have been there a couple of times and really did not feel any special in the place as I saw the Island as  a norm. Those who are aware of the worth dream big about this place but it does not make me twerk.

However, overtime, the influx rate in the Lekki - Ajah axis is alarming. Imagine encountering chain traffic day in - day out (day & night) is a degradation knowing that top government officials reside in this axis even His Excellency, Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osibajo.

As to these, many recreational centres, shopping mall and leisure spots register their presence in this same corridor making one to smile and still swallow the bitter pill simultaneously.

It is commonsensical to decode that places like the new Circle Mall at Jakande Round - about requires T.M.C ( Traffic Management Control), reason being that a commuter crossing and facing all sorts - the hurdle of toll gate, fuel stations and our lovely bus (Danfo) drivers rigmaroles, beggars and street hawkers clinging to windows of cars, policemen at awkward but strategic checkpoints, all constitute and contribute to this epic traffic. Yet, one so called official and his convoy would stroll pass blaring their siren for them to pave way.

In tandem to the above, it is noted that mismanagement of funds for road management is crystal clear in this issue. The way the road was constructed without flyovers at round-about is very unprofessional, pedestrian bridges were just recently considered.

Considering all odds, one would expect that for security purpose beggars in the late evening traffic should be monitored and controlled because it could become an avenue for robbery operations to take place. On insight into Lekki, Ikate, Jakande areas, shanties are seen everywhere and with the correction disposition of the country, these kind of developments should not be encouraged because things might or would go haywire.

Ironically, Nigerians keep folding their arms anticipating a messiah and miracle to occur. It is agreeable that it is high time Nigerians stood their ground on this to eradicate foolishness in the mind of the average man.


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