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Lesson And How To Spend Valentine Day by @thymo_kingin

They say when one invest in a weak woman, one becomes weak. I never knew the meaning of this until I recently envisaged the truth behind my colleague John's poor state of mind and miserere.

John, a tall, vibrant, young, and handsome frosh dude as I fondly call him is a colleague and partner in petty office crimes and was also a well to do guy before he descends to hitting on Vera, our office cleaner, whom I assumed had no ill intent.                                            

 Vera took the possessive advantage of her large behind to weaken the focus lens of John, who was known to be punctual, Economical and realist, lost all these attributes to Vera's honey pot.

Days and months went past into a year, John became shattered, unkept, broke, lazy and weak. No doubt he was done for, as he couldn't keep up to Vera's needs anymore.

The same could be said about Tunde, a hood nigga of mine, only but in an opposite form.  Tunde is a grown man but he'd not see himself as such. He lost this sense in the benevolent company of them older rich single moms and women. These women practically feed, clothe and shelter this dude, also made him their sex toy, errand boy, toddler. He has invested his masculine vigour and importance to these women, as thus could not man up to escape from been just an attaché of a sexual nature and am sure y'all know how perilous this relationship will turn up someday.

Moral of these short stories is to bring to light our focus and manliness as a man to never invest our time, energy and resources on the fakes ones. This Valentine can be used to do routine or thorough check on your relationship and make a change if found unpleasant. In any relationship, you don't lose anything, the both parties acquires something and yes sacrifice are bound to be made and its should be a gainful sacrifice not painful.  

So take a seat with that special person this season and iron that issues. If its  needs break up then sit, talk and decide and stop breaking up on the phone or via chat messages. God help us all...                                


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