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"I know you want me but I am not ready to be committed to you... Yes you!!! Why can't you? Are you not my love? Will you marry me? But you know I love you! Why haven't you picked my calls! Boo I want a new phone etc."

What is wrong with our generation women? Most ladies shy away from responsibilities and commitment, the reason is best known to them. 

What is the definition you give of a "WOMAN"? Denotatively, a "WOMAN"  accordingly to Oxford English dictionary is "a female who is extremely fond of  or devoted to a specified type of thing a fiancĂ©e or girlfriend". 

Ladies, do you consider yourselves as a ripe woman? How have you managed to control your emotions?  How many "broke guys" have you turned down lately even though you know they are willingly to hustle. I know you would not like me for this, you ladies, most ladies want and desire for those guys  that are loaded with big things, cars etc. What is your problem? A popular saying goes thus " The Plantain that refuses to ripen because it does not want to be fried would be used for plantain chips".

Moving on, let us look at issues critically here. 90% of our modern day women have one time in their early or late life read "Romantic Novels". With the advent of this, imaginations and lofty dreams of that perfect guy occupies their head and trust me, ladies fall so much and long to have their imagined-to-be kind of guy with pink lips, red lips, muscular, tall, sexy etc. What a pity, when I experience this things, when my female friends explain them, I honestly shake my head and wear a fake smile. Do not misquote me, I also want good for them but they should snap out of that irrational and illogical lofty dream. 

Coming off the sleeves of romantic books, the most annoying of all is "TELEMUNDO & ZEE WORLD", honestly, it is crazy. The level of addiction females have on these two programmes is just un-imaginable. Having said this, majority of them are little or not aware that most of the things they see on this television drama series are 90% not real but to argue with a lady on that, you are on your own.

However, switching the board towards the guys, the key factor here is how large your pocket is? Yes! You chasing that attractive lady. 

To  further balance this, we guys... we too, we demand a lot more than what we can chew. Our lofty dreams of a "Kim Kardashian" sexy girl, nice curves and hips, figure eight etc. Most of the time we forget to check and balance the moral standards. Let me share this with you, If she cannot cook perfectly especially "EGUSI" my favourite soup, then what am I doing with her?. Several ladies prefer fast tracked things be it food, money, material etc. Where is their sense of decency? Most ladies have turned blind eyes to the jet age and transformed it to "cleave age"  Moreover, there is a popular saying that guys love fruit salad but looking closely, there is always a dominant fruit in the mixture. This fizzles out that of all there is still one favourite. 

Ladies quit spying into your mans' phone, let him be, if he is yours, he would value you. Rate yourself and put yourself in high esteem do not stoop low and rubbish you integrity, let your intuition work for you. The most powerful tool a lady can have is her intuition but our ladies are ignorant on this... well just self introspect and viola it is done.

Hey!!! Have a wonderful life ahead. Conserve and build on your integrity, also deal with your emotion wisely.


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