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President Buhari to deal with all Culprits in connection with National Budget Distortion.

In order to access the present National Budget, President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to reprimand all culprits, in connection with the distortion of the 2016 budget.

The president, addressing the Nigerian community in Saudi Arabia, reiterated the plan to severely punish those people in line with the padding of the present national budget.

"All culprits involved in this menace would be severely punished and brought to book" he re-emphasized.

He told the gathering that, since the inception of his administration, there has been the need and the fight against corruption and other related issues.

To tell how far the military has gone in tackling the societal menace, Boko Haram, President Buhari said " the armed forces have done a great job on fighting the Boko Haram sect.

"We are collaborating with our neighbours in the operations of multinational Joint Task Force (JTF) to handle security threats in the sub-region. And we have significantly destroyed the capacity of the insurgents" he said.

In conclusion, the President analysed the call for the implementation of Zero Budgeting base, which is an extension of the Zero Tolerance for Corruption.

To achieving this, Single Treasury Account (STA) has been adopted as one of the remote strategies to getting the economy in right track.

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