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This Valentine! 5 Special Ways To Hold Her Down Even If You're Broke! by @thymo_kingin

No doubt the year started a bit tough and all, so most of y'all might be out of cash to afford that luxurious Valentine treat with your boo. Not to worry, here are five bright ideas to keep ur romance tight this Love season even without much cash at hand:                             
1) Make or Write a thrilling speech about her on a piece,  postcard or better yet ur iPad, just be sure ur speech is emotional and breathtaking. Now book a date at a less expensive public place or location where u might get extra attention of others, then read it to her there. Ladies loves this, the drama, the PDA (public Display of Affection). Endeavor to take her home and watch the way she will rock your world.         

2) Get to a beach nearby, choose a spot good enough to hide things e.g Valentine cards, flowers, a bottle of favourite drink etc... Then invite her to the beach for a short walk to your stash point and say some magical words and reveal.... The idea is to make her realise you've got all the energy, time and place in mind for her. Ladies  loves this.

3) Decorate your crib with her favorite colors and cook her favourite meal. It doesn't matter if u cook it well or not, the idea is, you went all the way for the troubles just to make her smile and for that alone she will definitely  rock  your world after.                            

4) Secretly take her childhood photo and enlarge  it then wall it in your crib, invite her to unveil.... The look on her face will melt you and its momentous...  Ladies cherish memories, and you've just given her an unforgettable one.                     

5) Secretly create a dance routine or choreography to her favourite song, rehearse and perfect it with a few close friends. Then invite her   and her sit while  you present it live and also record for viewing.... It's momentous and won't escape her mind soon........      

Now did someone just call me Doctor Romantic?


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