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Top 5 movies y'all should see this Valentine

Hi! Incase you're not chilling with boo this valentin, then you need see these movies, or still with boo, its still chilling shea!
These are the movies, it's action packed, no romnce.

1) THE REVENANT: although it's been out for a little while but its still a must see movie if u haven't see. Catch Leonardo DiCaprio doing the kills and hunt. Enough blood spilling! Lol.                                

2) Captain America ( CIVIL WAR): the latest part from captain America himself, this time he teamed with iron man. Kinda loves the ass kicking I saw in the trailer, so I'm going see to it live.                                              

3) CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE: The rock( Dwanye Johnson) and Funny man (Kevin Hart) killed the movie. Y'all should see it. Action comedy is kinda rare.                               
4)CONCUSSION: Will smith starred in this one and one thing that made this movie special is that Will smith played a Nigerian doctor or rather a doctor from Africa. So go see it. It's lovely. I haven't seen it tho, just the trailer.                        
5)SUPERMAN vs BAT MAN: Its Been a while we saw super hero flicks, so here is a new one from Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne reluctantly teaming up for a huge fight against the monster from beyond. You going love it.        


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