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Coronach as Certificate. By Paul Ode.

Life activities according to science, metamorphose right from courtship as a contract. To layman, it starts initially from the day of birth. Be it either, "death" is seemed to be unavoidable so as to perform all righteousness.

The certificate in question starts its cumulation from the former aforementioned period. That is to say, other certificates and testimonials serve as prerequisites to the subject matter.

This is likened to a footballer who has a full possession of the football on the pitch. How he manoeuvres determines his commendations from his fans and spectators. If he dribbles well and locate his route, kudos to him.
Since the game lies on him, he may play otherwise and bring for himself discountenance.

The most cited adage "dress the way to be addressed" is not a play on words, though, paradoxical. What then should I say?

As humans, whether wealthy or not, must mingle with one another. The kind of life we live from day one would surely lead us somewhere.

Here, the everlasting and original certificate is compiled over time and issued. As soon as one dies off, every concerned person comes around in the name to console. This time around, people from all walks of life turn out.

However, a register is opened for the deceased. Lamentation takes place here. Especially when the deceased happened to be a debtor, the facial expressions of most of the consolers would tell this.

More or less like the renown rapper, Larmack, who echoes; "if I die I'm a legend". His aim on earth is to be the youngest rapper, he ended up being a "legend".

Your case is similar! If you have good relationship with others, the D'day will tell and if otherwise, your certificate bears its ink.

If I may ask, what category are you?

To answer this, kindly rekindle yourself.


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