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“It was heartbreaking to see so many children in these dreadful conditions..." - John Ging.

The Director of OCHA's Operations, John Ging, almost shed tears as he visited a temporary camp where displaced people where living in Myanmar.

At this place you will find majorly Rohingya Muslims.

Ging says, “It was heartbreaking to see so many children in these dreadful conditions. One mother told me that her baby, less than a month old, died from lack of oxygen in December after she was denied access to treatment at the nearby township hospital in Myebon, as a Rohingya Muslim." 

The Rohingya Musilms are currently homeless, stateless, with no right to work, study, marry, or practice religion; belong nowhere. 

This is after 60-year military rule, they were deemed stateless by the law — a status that hasn’t changed despite Myanmar's landmark democratic elections in late 2015. 

Forced off their lands, many of the Rohingya are trapped in makeshift camps where they live in dismal conditions, many of them lacking access to school, healthcare or medicine. 

Their dire situation led to over 89,000 Rohingya to attempt to flee the country in 2014. Neighbouring countries like Thailand have cracked down on border security, denying the Rohingya safety and leaving many to die at sea. 

We need the international community to fight for the rights of Myanmar’s most vulnerable minority community and for the Government to ensure the country's remarkable political and development progress is shared by everyone. 

I am a Messenger of Humanity.

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