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Uche Jumbo comes down on "You are Fat" commentaries!

Nollywood Actress, Uche Jombo was pissed of on Sunday, 6th March, as she took to social coming down seriously on those that call her fat.

She took her time to trash out this issue, using herself as an example.

"I usually won't Do this but it's kind of getting tiring with the 'you are FAT' comments here please I have mirrors in my house, I came from this place in this picture after Matthew was born from 243pounds to 198pounds ,not anywhere near where I want to be but still working on my weight like most women so if you are one of those that only get into the comments section to write how 'FAT' I am ...?please do yourself the favour of unfollowing this page NOW."

Jombo who added weight immensely after putting to bed, has been working-out to put herself back to shape.

"You can always take your comments to the blog that way we are both happy. #zerotoleranceforstupidity", she concluded.

But what's wrong in being fat?

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