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Read this: ETF - Evil Total Fingerprint not Educational Trust Fund by Paul Ode.

This is a free-mind lament from a Yabatech student. Its explains how the Educational Trust Fund (ETF) Building, which is the first building you see on your right once you enter the college, have been misused.

"Alas! The Educational Trust Fund (ETF) building, now serves as both the operational place and hideout for hoodlums, miscreants, cultists and other societal menace.

The building which serves as an identifier right from the main gate, almost adjacent to WAEC building is now taken for convergence stratum day in, day out, in spite of cankerous  internal security personnel under watch.

Before now, reactions showed that general life at ETF building is that of merriment at get-together party. Guru and achiever from different schools and departments within the college, usually have nice times together without any record of condemnation against others.
Unfortunately, this has become the thing of the past in that several ill-acts take place there, courtesy recent occupants.

The stimulus that triggered this correspondence has been the heightened operations of the ill-acts that uncover every day of the week.
Life at ETF building is now regarded as that of a terror prone environment.

The recent criminal records show that occupants at the ground floor of the building in question, mass communication first year students, 2014/2015 academic session, have been the latest victims of the thefts.

From the commencement of the second semester examination alone, the numbers of mobile phones and other valuables stolen can not be accounted for.
Amongst the lost valuables includes I-phone. Ideally, if care is not taken stealing of human beings could be the order of the day.

One would imagine if there are no security operatives in place. The so called cankerous security men and women posted on daily basis, do not help matters at hand. Only if all these operations are not directly purported from their desk.

In allusion to this, the security personels in most times do not wear their uniform which would help in comprehending the suspicion.

This is a wakeup call on the entire management of the college to see into this so as "to let sleeping dogs lie"'.

I'm done.

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