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Yabatech Amacos: Award/Dinner Night Summary by Nifemi

The show was Opened by Fadaka of GbetuTv along side 'Mandela of the Pipu'.
They both did a good job on the Red Carpet, crushing the carpet with their "Timbs".
They both were impressive enough to get participants of the event wanting them at their parties (with an invite).

Vich d'Vitalis Anchored the Event, wearing a navy blue suit that hung on him like he was made with it, having a touch of red to go with the white shirt.

Troms made the ladies fall in love over again with his melodic voice which earned him an interview in a Radio station.
Funny thing is.. He didn't even finish the whole song to have an impressive performance.

D'flex... Predictable to Awe his audience, but not predictable at what he might do to them.
His New skill kept the lips of the audience Opened from beginning till end of it with the participants voicing out the need for him to be paid more than they guess he probably would have been priced.

The Award was Awesome with almost everyone getting an award instead of 1person packing home 3. I loved that.

It was Dance, Dance, Dance after the award with all the Home Girls let Loose.
OpeMike enjoyed himself on the dance floor with the ladies. He never had a reason to frown. But why should he? When the Buddies were smiling.

What a way to Mark your Birthday!!!
Even tho it was work day for Adebisi Peters, he still had his female folks around to cheer him.

OpeRoland was Beautiful with my audio.
Making me get reception of signals from any end with the cordless Mic.
Recording was fun.

Thanks to Dayo of Duce Media.
Was a good Production Assistant.

Mandela rounded off the show into the sky walking out the Hall into the Night.

Nobody was in a haste, only the once that had mamas call.
It was a beautiful night and I was happy to cover every bit of it, stealing a dance with Dorcas once in a while.

I am O'Nìfémì of Airshirt Media.
Have a wonderful Day *Kisses*

Some interesting photos below. Meanwhile stay glued for some interesting gist from same event.

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