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Celebration as Indomie ranks 8th in Global FMCG Brand by Kantar World Panel while Coca-Cola remains World Most Chosen Brand.

There is wind of celebration as Indomie rates 8th in the 2016 Global Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Brand, while Coca-Cola remains the world’s most chosen brand, and the number one brand in 10 countries.

This ranking was done by Kantar World Panel, the most reputable ranking panel for brands across the world.

"Your award winning Indomie has being rated as being among the Top 8th Global FMCG Brand this year... By the Kantar World Panel Global Brands Ranking 2016" - Indomie.

Indomie is still leading as the #No1brandinweca and has lunched a new type called the "BelleFull"

Here is the ranking list below:

Most Chosen Brands
• Coca-Cola remains the world’s most chosen brand, and is the number one brand in 10 countries.

• Maggi is the number one food Brand

• Colgate is the top health and beauty brand

• Downy is the top home care brand
Top risers

• Close-Up and Barilla are among the fastest growing within the ranking, both climbing five places.

• Dettol continues to grow at a steady pace, and is knocking on the door of the Top 50

• Colgate added the most shoppers to its portfolio for the second year running in 2015, recruiting 40 million new households.

• Indomie (Indonesian noodle brand) joins the global top 10 ranking as Brand Footprint adds new territories to the study

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