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Gbetu at 1: Thank you for 20th July - Fadaka Louis.

So I have horded this post for long, point is I have so much to write and none so bright, 'cos all high with expectation.

On the 20th of July, 2016, Gbetu turned a year - stability and proper practice of journalism, since July 20th, 2015.

Though I planned the day to be on lowkey basis by leaving it strictly on social media but till date I am still in awe of the response, especially from those is didn't expect.

So, with a warm and greatfull heart, I want to appreciate all those who took their time to support me and my lil company, through photos and captions, those who prayed for me - strangely also from Edwinmore and others;  and those who have volunteered to join the dream, therefore a Team, thank you.

Meaning of Gbetu
Gbetu in lesser word means life. In location - a place where you discover and build your talent to maximum, it means "Young" and that's why I merged it with Fadaka to form Gbetu Fadaka meaning 'Young Silver'. Gbetu is a typical Yoruba word. In music - it is a song, or say a anthem for Lagosians but less people know how to sing it. It is most time sang by the Lagos State Theatrical Troupe for most special occasion held in government houses or by the government. It most times goes with "Eyō" dance" or "Bakú kó kō lórū".

This is why at Gbetu Tv, we focus on those part that other media leave out, we tend to create fame from a weaker dimension.

Will always appreciate Mr Deji Bisuga, Mr Jerry, Mr Okeke and Mr Saunaka.

Thank you specially to Kayode Aluko(Kaywrites), Acybi I. (Acybis) and Peace Alozie (Goldie Pearl Events), Mandela U (Man of the people) and Angel Fich, Murphy Yoga, Opeyemi Ogunbanjo (Ark Global Publication),
Succeeding, @eljoart, @Basobrity, Vincent Uche (Tips Issues Bolg), Semilore (Yabatech Olofofo), Venicia Onwuka (Venis Beauty Studio), Eniola Rector, Dj Brytos, Vitalis Ezeiruaku (@vichvitalis) and all others who did in private. God bless, keep and celebrate you!

For those who wish to work with Gbetu Tv or have a job, email or directly at events.

Social handles:
Twitter: @gbetublog
Instagram: @gbetu_tv
Google +: GbetuFadaka

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