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Review of The Yabatech Magazine (Critical Analysis) by Fadaka Louis

The Yabatech Magazine which was lunched on Friday, 10th of June, 2016, is a big plus to the college.

This first edition stars Motola Jalade Ekeinde, a popular actress in Nigeria, who finished from Yabatech and have become an icon and mentor to be reckoned with.

The Magazine dabbles from features to interview, to comedy, vox pops, articles, cartoon and so on; touching topics within the college.

It features 'other' key people like Dr. Charles Oni (P.R.O Yabatech), Mikel Obi (Dancer at Art Department),  Shade Shobowale (Miss Yabatech), Geoffrey Orji ( winner MTN Project Fame 2014), Mary Bashua Alimi (O.A.P at Radio Continental 102.3Fm Lagos, Dr. Olurotimi Ajibola(H.O.D Banking and Finance, Yabatech), Mr Omobayo Raheem(Dean, Student Affairs, Yabatech), the Rector of Yabatech, Dr. Magret Ladipo and much more interesting personalities and topics you probably know less about and would love to know more.

The Yabatech Magazine comes with the finest paper and highly colourful for attraction, making all works in it important and quite interesting without reading. It has 48 pages.

The division of each page from excitement to seriousness, to critical thinking like that of Dr. Oni on Ibirogba and famous "Sniper", makes this package unique on its own.

Irrespective of these uniqueness, I think some things are left undone.

The editing was poorly done. I believe this should be priority in any publication. Even if it comes in black and white paper, people will read it, you shouldn't allow  readers hold pencil or pen to correct bad grammar or word on your magazine or publication, instead of to learn something new. The publisher is a teacher and not a student. See pages 5, 11, 13, 20, 21, 22, 24 and 32.

For example, page 22 reads, "Top 6 Models in Yabatech", we've got 7 there.

Page 13, is it "Voice Pop" or "Vox Pop"?  At this point I can't spare the Editor, Zainab Alli and Publisher, Emmanuel Ohore, this is where you do vigil.

See page 24, the mistake has made him lose the first interview, if I was looking for a comedian.

"I am from a state - Bends Local Government Abia State. A student of Yabatech, Department of Banking and Finance ND3. (Now another voice). He won the Departmental award as the most famous/jovial student. (Who?) Host Comedy ville via Gosporella Fm an online family radio, Mr P London takes comedy to Yabatech" (the poor punctuation is killing, don't worry about the other one). Point is if this is to sell him. It just failed.

Page 41, I don't know if it's a trick by the editor, or because they've got enough 'crayons' to paint that's why they treated this page as a joke. Once you see "Crackles", you feel its a joke so you probably want to read later, not until you are into it before you figure its a serious topic that could make headline.

It is smart to correct little blunders made by your interviewee even after transcription, except in exceptional cases - this is a magazine.

Also, I think the team should do critical check up before publishing people as best in this, best in that. It should just come on merit but fact. It has to be defendable. If you say a person, for instance is the most popular student and 10 per cent of the students withing the college have never heard of him, then that's a cr*p. It is better you conjunct and create probably, Yabatech Merit Award, for instance, here you can then be sure.

To cut it short, I think Mr P London's joke on the Magazine is a waste of page, I think Charles Coker's story is interesting and I believe the Team Yabatech Magazine can do much better.

Congratulations to Student of Yaba College of Technology. Take advantage of this platform.


Fadaka Louis (Uncle).

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Yabatech Magazine Editorial Team:
Ohore Emmanuel Ufuoma (Kilimanjaro) - Publisher/Editio-In-Chief;

Ogbe Torisheju - Managing Editor/Financial Treasurer;

Zainab Alli - Editor/Reporter/Secretary;

Ilesanmi Taiwo, Saka Kayode, Akibu Segun and Dadee Daniel - Visual Designers.

Samuel Adegun and Akinnibi Damilola - Photographers;

Ace Makeover as Make-up Artiste;

Sapele Otega, Precious Ogbeinde, Ifayin Ogbebunam, Tina Ogunnoyinbo, Joshua Onbulu, Semilore Adeosun, Grace Eboigbe, Kemi Fakunmoju and Sunday Inahor - - Contributors.

Mbulu Joshua - Illustrator.

Dr. Rotimi Ajibola, FCIB and

Dr. Charles Oni, DPR, Yabatech.

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