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Why You Should Never Cut The "Umbilical Cord".

You Should Never cut the "Umbilical Cord", you should always let it fall off naturally*

The "Umbilical Cord" was the tube that fed you while you where in the womb, it is the direct link to the mother and where the Nutrients needed to help you function normally as a man or woman was stored. 

When you are born you still need a few day's with the placenta and the  Nutrients in the sack. This is what gives you an edge over the so called white man and this is why the so called white men take it and conduct experiments on it.

 Did you know what is found in the placenta is actually called "the tree of life" by some medical scientist, don't take my word look it up. 

Did you know the placenta of a so called black woman can cure all diseases, listen don't take my word for it look it up.

 We as a people need to study more and more of our body, our women are being exploited due to there own ignorance. 

By theunknownlyricist

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