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Now Here comes Area Fada with his favourite course. Do You Know The G-Spot?

CharlyBoy Oputa, popularly known as "Area Fada", has taking to social, asking couples if they know each others G-Spot.

We figure most couple only enjoy sex during honey-moon, some don't even understand it, they see it a special place to 'born boy', not even romantic, while few take their time to make sure its memorable.

Some people, instead of thinking the best way to 'service' each other properly, they start thinking of nonsense like "who don enter here before" or "how many people he don do for here", smh.

Anyways, this is Charley's part of the gist.

"So ladies, it's time to find out from your man if you meet all the bedroom requirement, especially if he knows what he is doing too. Even if you're not a rock star in bed, work it out with your man so you both can find each other's G-Spot. 

Hopefully guys, when you finally get a chick who is a killer in bed,  please don't get stuck like so many other guys do, being haunted by how many people have watered her garden; just kick back and enjoy it and don't get caught up on wondering how or where she learned the skills from.

And for women, find men who can enjoy sex with you without being intimidated or overwhelmed by a woman who knows what she's doing.
Sex and sexuality is a serious matter.

It doesn't matter who chooses to be on top or under, whatever you do, just be on top of your game, make memorable screws, ones that leave your man thoroughly pleasured all the time; no just be fine girl with no action."

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