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Davido Stunns Thisday Style Mag. with African touch by TY Bello

Perfect timing, perfect photos, perfect personality. Who is best to be featured by This day Style Magazine but Davido!

Alright! Aside the fact that I am freeking out on this photos, I a have always been a big fan of Bello's photos. Yes! TY Bello's photos and a combination of a 'career driver"? Yes I am freeking out. So excited at the turn out of this photos.

Ok, basically, I think Bello is a life giver through photography, she sure know which angle or bottom to use at the right time and if you would agree with me, I haven't seen David come this through in any of his released photos. Yay!

I kinda like the robotic kind of expression. I kinda like the infusion of African vibe in it - the painting on the ladie's hands. 

Haha! Just playing around now, imagine if these where pre-wedding photos - the bomb!

Now before the shoot itself, Bello released a video of her and Davido, this suit looked like, maybe he is gonna change into something else, then the next he was being spprayed with different colours of paint, studio play I said, but this 
 defiled my thought, so now I want a multicoloured suit too.

And hey Dave. I think the wedding suit is looking nice on you. *wink*

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