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The Kung-fu Panda movie became a source of inspiration as Gbenga Sesan relates.

The Kung-fu Panda movie became more interesting and a source of inspiration to Nigerian Youths and Adult as Gbenga Sesan opened minds into the inspirational angles of it at an event hosted by TREM, in Wisdom House, Akoka, on Saturday, 22nd October, 2016.

The theme "Enlightened Generation For Enhanced Performance" was handled by Gbenga Sensan, the guest speaker and Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN).

While treating the topic that has a sub stating "How technology can change the way we live and work", Mr Sesan emphasised that "*There is no way it makes sense to* go through school, endure all the lectures, endure all the test and hardship and end up in the crowed looking for job." It is better you don't fool with your future.

He outlined Skills to learn or add to any of your gifts or talents.

1. Social Interaction: Communication via social media channels isn't about followers and twit-fights. Connect with ease!

2. Research Skill: Using search engines smartly may be as important as being knowledgeable about a subject at some point.

3. Multidisciplinary People: Regardless of course studied, pick up something about everything and everything about one thing.

4. Social Learning: When social connections tweet a link, follow knowledge.

5. Subject Experts: It is okay to be an expert on even non-traditional subject-matters, but where is your core expertise?
Left: Gbenga Sesan, Right: Nifemi, C.E.O Airshirt Media, on question and answer session

6. Fearless Connectors:There is NO big man on social media. Connect! Cool to communicate, but great to connect with help.

7. Shameless Plugger: There's actually no point being quiet about your much-needed skills. Let the world know what you know. being humble Is not pretending not to know something

8. Information Hub Curators: Get an online space where the world sees your diverse sides. Easier now with wifi, blogs, etc.
One of the advantages of being able to source for information is that when you need it you know where it is.

9. Eagle-Eyed Trend Spotters: see your industry at least 5 years into the future. Easier if you're in a developing country.

10. Exposure Junkies: you can never know more than the books you read, the places you've been and your exposure. Get exposed. Whatever you do make sure you see the world! Travel, eMaps, books, Facebook.

Check out "In My Own Words" in  "I Have No Excuse In My Own Words" by Gbenga Sedan.

On what was learnt from this brain-racking-program, one of the participants and organizer, Azubpuike Okwushiuba, says "I learnt that no matter that technology is fast replacing so many profession and who ever does not improve him or herself now will regret not doing so. Technlogy applys to absolutely every facet of mankind endeavour except that God is still supreme, with technology we a great tool to reach anywhere and so we must be bold to deplore it to our advantage".

In conclusion, social media has become a demigod, no matter how reserved you will one way or the other be part of it, in fact, it is seen as a taboo no to have a (at least) Facebook account.
Mrs Gbenga Sedan and participant

Those that are already social media personnels or experts or users, don't just go there to see your enemies and friends, or say hi, or even worst and now trending, trying to gain 1000 likes and 20k followers - the team follow back, hacked at 1k and so on; you can do much more with it, if not you are wasting your unborn child or children's time.

More photos from the event below.

Shoutout to Lucky Ikhuese (Jumia), one of the organizers.

The Organizing Crew and Mr/Mrs Gbenga Sesan

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