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Yabatech: Communicators Connect a Connection that must be kept and well fed.

The third edition of AMACOS Communicators Connect, Yabatech chapter, which happened on the 2nd of October, 2016, came to a democratic end with major players wishing it be sustained.

It was a combination of Freshers night and after exam party, held at Season 7 Event Centre, Surulere.

It had the best of support from both the old and present excos and the students where highly corporative as everything went peaceful.

Important excos present where Joshua Ikhenede, Shola Aboyeji, Opeyemi Ogunbanjo and Taiwo Abiola while the past where Segun Jegede, Damola Odufuwa and wife
, and James Akinola.

Kehinde Apata Bashiru, Oluwaseun Odufuwa and Itunu Akintola where on point - team work observed.

Other notable people where, Afolaju of Vogue Naija, Wisenation and Fadaka Louis of Gbetu Tv.

It was massive fun all through as even PS was not left out.

The Mc/hypeman offline was was Mandela
while the online hype was done by Uncle Fadaka.

The Communicators connect is an event held annually for all Mass Communication student. It is a venue where communicators meet, see new faces and have a good time irrespective of the class or level.

From The Music Artist Point Of View.
Though this was challenging because the excos never knew they had so much artist in the department, thanks to the smooth mind of Mc Mandela (of the people).

We got to see the best of rap, vocals and of course mixing flop. I keep wondering why up coming artists rush to release singles, instead of mixing for perfection. They are so so eager.

Artist that where present and performed are: Uzzy, Darnelee, Kelizzy, Oluwatizzy, Vaglor, Elvis, Larz, Rhymeline, Slim Jaggerban, Tobi Yongs, Yomi Ace, Paul Genesis, Micman, Eze, King Smalldoetor boy, Lucky Flows and JHONNY BLAZE.

From The Audience Point Of View
The CC should be separated from all other events in 'AMACOS' and given proper attention in preparation. It is not an event that should be rushed. Also, publicity about the event should be properly disseminated in order not to make some set of people fell its for another set of people.

Finally, I think the 'department' should not ignore the excos, as no matter the position they are still babies. I am also waiting for that event that I will be sitting next to any of my lecturers without picking words. 'Am I speaking your mind?'

Advise To Artists
Heard some of you being like "when we blow now..."; calm down, you never blow. I pray you do, but you are still hustling so learn to be humble, there is no crime in begging or being polite. Also, you were not less than 10 in number, that already is competition, not think of outside... I hope you all dig.

We will create more platforms for you to display your strength. This what GBETU is all about. Testify from Phoenix Obarapper, Brainee, Tromz, Seph, Train, Pranco, Yanki, Ark Global Publication, Acybis, and coming soon Yimu Wears, The Bassobrity Collections and much more. All you need do is stick around.

Hetulapo is there too. This is brought to you by Heritage Tutors in collaboration with Gbetu Tv, why not come around. 

Anyways, this event was supported by Gbetu Tv. Assisted by Lasgiddi Vibes, Airshirt Media and Paul Trend Blog.

Photo Credit: Airshirt Media and Lasgiddi Vibes.

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