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How the #wwwParty by Dj Dew got me on "#GoatSpiration"

A bottle of Snapp gets me in the mood in any event. I mean events that's so good that you end up having more fun than observing, but sometimes you just have to get the job done.

Before reading further, I need you to understand that I got a goat in front of me. Yes! A real goat, no not a human goat, a goat on my table. Will be typing this with "goaty-inspiration"! Ever had such inspiration before? Lol! What?

Anyways back to the main gist, this is the second event Dj Dew would be hosting that involves Gbetu Tv - 'crazy' collaboration you know. Always strictly no artist performance, but a long list of celebrity artist to be present and DJs as well.

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Let's bring it down to the current event. First I've got this lady with rough, visibly soft, big a*s, rocking it beautifully right in front of me, each time it she stares, smiles and keep wiggling... Vodka... Think the 'goatspiration' got me again.

I love Dj Dew so much 'cos he is the only DJ I know that relates with the audience properly and uses talking drum, lol! Imagine the combination of hip-hop and akpala or Fuji. There are some dollars mallam can not change, same is the www Party by SKIM Entertainment finest.

Ani this event 'gbena sori' and I don't want it down.

The DJs were DJs as they took the heterogeneous audiences back and fort - Dj Kilo and Dj came to support.

This is a funny writeup, still from my side I want to appreciate C.E.O of Muzik Library, C.E.O Lasgiddi Vibes, Jiz and friend, C.E.O Airshirt Media, and sweet 'follow come' friends for coming.


#goatspiration : Events like this, with Snapp to Vodka in front of u, missing the ladies twerk is a taboo. At some point it looks like competition, if u can't fast, at least the slow wine works, perfect with laps support... Stop smiling.

When you talk events like this, benefits is always important. I was opportune to meet great men and women without booking for appointment - chat, exchange contact, take selfies and improve on myself. Truth is, parties like this is where you meet great men and women on a 'flat' level. You determine what you want in life. Some people just go to swim, dance ... and command shisha ...choice.


The wwwparty was hosted by Dj Dew
DJ  Dew

SKIM Entertainment in conjunction with A'squared and Royal Trace, at the Royal Trace Hotel and Towers, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo Lagos.

It was proudly supported by CHE Tv, Boye Shadows Fotography, Sholite Photography, GoldMyne Entertainment and Gbetu Tv.

All Photo Credit: Airshirt Media

Watch Video to the WWW Party by Dj Dew

Enjoy more photos below: (for bookings see blog side)

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