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Shoggy Tosh has soared to Number 1 on The Official European Independent Music Top 20 Chart @ShoggyTosh

Pamoto by Shoggy Tosh feat Henrisoul (the only Gospel song in the charts) is now #1 after debuting for the first time ever at #17 two months ago. It moved to #16, #11 (twice), #7, #6 (twice) before topping the charts today.

The charts is drawn from a Weekly broadcast on over 800 francophone radio stations in Europe, France, Belgium, Canada and USA.

Pamoto by Shoggy Tosh ft Henrisoul is the second single from Shoggy Tosh's EP, 'emujow'. The song was written and composed by Shoggy Tosh & Henrisoul, produced by Pastorchild & and mastered in USA by Izzybeats.

Pamoto means an addictive dance dedicated to the Creator of mankind. Life on this terrestrial ball was not meant to be smooth, and from time to time we are engulfed in problems and challenges. However, by dancing and praising God Almighty, these problems are surmounted. The song was to be called, 'Praise Addict'. The dance for the song was to be like that of 'a Motto dance'. So the initials of Praise Addict - 'PA' was added to the 'Moto' hence the name, 'Pamoto'.

The song currently has recorded 164,130 downloads and won 4 international awards in the United Kingdom & Unites States of America. All of the funds raised from Shoggy Tosh's debut EP 'Emujow' goes to charity supporting the causes of the fatherless, orphans, widows and the less privileged in Africa and Asia.

Full Top 20 list [10 - 17 March 2017]

N°1 Shoggy Tosh: Pamoto ft Henrisoul

N°2 Christine Saadé - Get Together

N°3 Gosh Da Reel - Number

N°4 Jonathan Burkett - One Life

N°5 Lina Fouro - Bang Bang Baby

N°6 Julianne joe - Harmonics

N°7 ZPN - Emmène-moi
N°8 Bon Débarras - All You Can Beat

N°9 Macro, Capital T & DJ Nika - C'est La Guerre

N°10 LT Bobby Ross Music - This Land Was Their Land

N°11 GPS Project - Dance Baby Dance

N°12 KC Jockey - Watch What You Do

N°13 Jay Elle - Rising Tide

N°14 voodoo kings - It's all right

N°15 T & T Funkfaktory - Make Time For Me

N°16 Chase Emery Davis - You Don't Need to Cry Anymore

N°17 Brian Robbo - It's Your Life

N°18 Eldie Anthony - On Top Of The World

N°19 Kyota Sugai - Turquoise Queen

N°20 Andy Fond - Melody

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