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Business Today: Need Know about Simens Oli and Gas

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 Due to the new age requirements of oil and gas in the world today, advancements need be but in-place and advanced technology is a must. The current oil price environment is forcing major change and difficult decisions within the Oil and Gas industry. New operating models and approaches that improve CAPEX and OPEX are required to respond to short- and mid-term market supply and demand dynamics. Yet the longer-term need for sustainable solutions that bolster safety and environmental performance also remains an evergreen priority. This is very necessary from drill pad to the  refinery.

 Now here are the ways Simens plan on solving it.

1. Simens have created power supply plans to ensure uninterrupted power supply in plants.

2. It has created a core compressors with proven packaging.

3. It has an Integrated Engineering with COMOS and SIMATIC PCS7 which saves valuable time and is based on a new engineering workflow.

4. Their low voltage portfolio of motors and converters saves energy and encourages sustainable practices.

 5. Siemens offers various types of HV-motors which fit the requirements of all process industries

 6. It has Pump Stations that are Highly Flexible and have Adaptable solutions to make supply easier.

 7. There is now well proffered solution to provide maximum performance in the storage, loading, unloading and processing of hydrocarbons.
 8.  Most products can be packaged as integrated solutions

 In conclusion, presently Siemens has the most comprehensive products portfolio for Oil and Gas.

You can compare though or let me know of a contrary below.

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