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Promote a local business and get N500 airtime reward!

Why #PromoteNaija

Here at VConnect, we are all about helping local businesses connect with their customers. We understand that sometimes it can be quite difficult finding the right vendor or business to render a service.
This is why the #PromoteNaija campaign is meant to promote small businesses that are offering quality services and products.
We believe that helping these small businesses has a multiplier effect, helping people looking for quality service find the right business to patronise, in turn getting increased patronage for small businesses that offer great service, this we believe, benefits the economy as a whole.

Therefore, we decided what better way to promote a local business than through word-of-mouth. These businesses are broadly categorised under cleaning services, electronic services and home decor services.

How to get the airtime reward

How do you go about this, and what about the airtime reward you ask? All you have to do is fill a form telling us about a business you want to promote, add the business number and tell us why you like this business.
When you do this, the business owner gets an SMS letting them know that their business has been recommended, once the business gets verified by VConnect, you get 500 Naira airtime reward on your phone.

You can also win N10,000

That’s not all, if the business recommended ranks in the list of popular businesses on VConnect, the person who recommended the business gets a 10,000 Naira reward.
To get a business on VConnect highly ranked, the business has to be active. Activities that rank businesses include shares, enquiries, reviews and page visits. So rather than adding many businesses and hoping one of those businesses ranks high, select one business you believe gives very good service and promote it.
If you have images of the business, share it online. Let people know about your experience with the business by writing a review about the business. All these are ways you can promote a local business and #PromoteNaija.
Therefore, if you know a business offering any of these services: cleaning services, electronic services and home decor services recommend that business, #PromoteNaija and get rewarded for doing so.
To promote business, go to

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