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Reasons Why you should Take Note (Jot) in Class.

Back in days, it was compulsory to jot, infact  you would surely look awkward if you were not. These days it has become a joke, students are not bothered.

In tertiary institutions, Mass Communication for example, one of the subjects taken in English for Mass Communication or Use of English is "Note Taking", this is made compulsory  to help students understand its importance but what happens after is left to the gods'.

Students now will say I would rather listen than jot, they believe it better. No, I am not disputing the fact that it works for some students very well but check 90 per cent of them after exam, almost nothing or nothing at all. Student forget that the brain lens, the eyes, works in a funny way. Anything that stress you, the brain remembers easily. By jotting the brain picks key words or sentences along. For example have you ever being to an exam hall, and you just really can not remember something you know, then you remember a single word around it...followed by a whole note!?

Note taking on Gadgets like laptops and tabs or minor android phones can never or will hardly serve as substitute for note books.

Studies show that writing notes by hand is far more effective than typing on a computer, and that applies to all levels of education, from grade school to grad school. The reasons might be surprising.

1. Research has it that students who wrote notes by hand received higher exam scores, followed along more easily, were more engaged in discussions, and didn't rely on looking things up as much as their screen-reliant counterparts.

2. It resulting to in-depth discussions that helped clarify concepts which may have otherwise gone under-explained. 

3. Students who took notes by hand will pass bar exams at a higher rate. 

4. Also, students who write notes can greatly improve their reading and general language skills, memorization and retention, hand-eye coordination, and critical thinking. 

5. Finally, student who practice written word can easily improve reading skills, because our brains recognize something more quickly and fluidly if we're familiar with creating it ourselves.

Research showed that students who take notes on laptops do worse on conceptual exam questions—questions that require a deep knowledge of a subject—than those who take notes longhand. They fail cheep questions without trying.

Reasons Why People Do not Take Notes

1. Laziness

2. Some people are slow at writing.

3. Some people can take notes more quickly on a keyboard than they can on paper.

4. Some are selfish - confusing home for class by using social medias in class, therefore loosing focus in class, they are usually the first sets to say "please come again" (recap actually), or "I can't hear you sir", some are even slow to say " I can't see your face sir", like seriously!

Truth is, really, technology is useful, but it comes at a cost. Parents, Teachers or Guardians should find the best way of helping their wards do better in education. And for those of you who still think education is not necessary, please ask Mark Zukerberg.

Fadaka Louis

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