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Suspicions arises as the Nigeria Tekwondo Federation releases final list for WTF Championship

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There is great suspicions and the Nigeria Tekwondo Federation releases list of athletes to represent Nigeria at the World Tekwondo Championship, taking place at Muju, South Korea.

The list comprising 14 athletes - 7 male and 7 female respectively,  is believed by some other athletes and coaches to have been toyed with, allegedly.

This is coming with a serious accusing article titled "SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE OF TAEKWONDO", after the list is seen on The Nation Online

It states:

Where are the names of those who won the trials. Where is Abdulmujeeb Sanusi, the undisputed fin weight champion? where is Abdullah Adegoke who won the bantam weight? I am not sure feather weight category was concluded. Where is Benjamin who won the middle/heavy category?
Muhammad Ghali is a totally strange name in teakwondo not to talk of fin weight. I hope this is not another visa racketeering attempt by the 'NTF Secretariat'?
 We are not fools, some athletes who did not participate in the trials are already all over the Internet talking with certainty about their participation in the world championship,  while athletes who won convincingly are still not sure of their fate.
Let's have a Taekwondo where abilities will be the consideration not who you know.

The said list came after a rigorous one-day trial.

Name like Sanusi Abdulmujeeb Ololade, who is believed to be the  "Undefeated Fun Weight Category Champion", is not on the list.

What's your take on this?  Please comment below. 

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