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Why I cannot do a Love Song - Seph (All Girls Desire) . #SHERUBAWON

Fast rising artist in Nigeria, based at Surulere, Seph (All Girls Desire) has confess why he doesn't want to do or promote love song as he sets to release his next single SHERUBAWON, which means 'Make them Fear' in Yoruba language.

According to Seph, music is serious business and every serious business works with their best target market and the Nigerian major target market has less plan or acceptance for love songs.

He says "Every song serve different purpose with different market. Mind u all music in life has a message either Good or bad. Tell me 3 message u don't like in Sherubawon"

"... you don't need to do Good song when d demand is on d right song. Understandable d song is just wat d target market want. Our focus is d street. @John vibeztv⁩ can Bear me witness. Even "Taking over no vex" my major single is not perfect for some performance like "Olamide" because of d kind of shows & fans we aV. Its called market segmemtation in economics".

" I remember @⁨John vibeztv⁩ & @⁨Touchplay Entertainment⁩ rehearse a love song with me. They love d song so much. But my brother i will show u a performance of sherubawon and see how spenders were spending Money. They will never turn up like that for a love song. Many music artist dont really know all this. Hard work pays than talent sometimes. Meaning sometimes we need to meet our needs not want".

" I really still want u to listen to d verses in sherubawon. Its even talking about you urself", he concludes.

This much talked about single, Sherubawon  is set to drop soon, much comment will be appreciated from you when it does.

 Lie if u never see paper think say na Money - Seph

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