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13 Suspended as Prisoners dance with Strippers in South Africa

Thirteen officers have been suspended on Monday, 26th June at South Africa as they gave way for strippers to entertain their prisoners.

The photos of strippers dancing and romancing the prisoners at a popular prison known as Sun City leaked and immediately went viral.

The Johannesburg's Medium B prison is said allegedly to be normal with this funky act.
The Department of Correctional Services confirmed the veracity of the photos, says James Smalberger, who is the acting national correctional services commissioner.
"We can never tolerate what we have seen on the social media since Saturday".
Big butty ladies dancing touching prisoner
Thirteen officers are being suspended and will face the "full might of our code of conduct", he added.
Meanwhile, the 21st of June event had been arranged as part of Youth Month celebrations - part of a programme which is meant to help with the rehabilitation of prisoners.
"But the women - and their choice of clothing - took authorities by surprise."


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