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17 Verified ways of Preventing Cancer.

Due to the uprise of cancer across the world here are 17 verified ways of preventing this deadly disease. This measures is coming after a long conference discussion on cancer prevention.

Here are the ways, take caution.

1. No to refined oil.

2. No to milks of animal origin (e.g. nido.).

3. No to cubes.

4. No to the consumption of the gasified juices of the different breweries (32 pieces of sugar per liter).

5. No refined sugars.

6. No Microwave.

7. No to mammography before delivery but echomamaire.

8. No to too tight bras going to or after returning from work.

9. No alcohol.

10. No for reheating frozen meals.

11. No to the conservation of water in the refrigerator in plastic bottles.

12. All contraceptive pills are not good because they change the woman's homonal system and give cancer.

13. Deodorants are dangerous especially when used after shaving.

14. Breast-feeding women are less likely to have breast cancer than none breast-feeding women.

15. Cancer cells eat mainly sugar, everything is synthetic sugar even brown.

16. A cancer patient who suppresses sugar in his diet sees his disease regressed and can live long: sugar = deadly enemy.

17. A glass of beer stays 5 hours in the body and during this time the organs of the system are operating at idle speed.

(Dos  and dont's of cancer and new facts.)

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