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Fear as Hackers and Nudist invades Facebook (Warning)

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There is wide report of hackers and nudist invading Facebook.

In less than two weeks active Facebook users have received strange friend requests from funny set of people. These accounts comes with white naked females inviting you for sex through a link attached to a post on their timeline.

Clicking on this link is where the hacking come in, all your files and details will be downloaded immediately.

Try as much as possible to delete these request for their major targets are male users.

On their profile you will see your friends who are already friends with them, this is ment to encourage you to accept, please do not.

I for one, noticed that from Wednesday, 14th June and Friday, 16th June, 2017, I have received not less than 30 friend request from these people. See below for instance, this two keep coming back after deleting.

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