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Gimmehear Celebrates World Sickle Cell Day with Merabel of Unilorin.

As the world celebrates Sickle Cell Day on Monday, June 19th, CEO Gimmehear, Temiloluwa  Badmus, decided to celebrate it with sickle cell patient from the University of Ilorin (the better by far university), Miss Mirabel.

The beautiful 300level Miss Mirabel after a long chat shared her experience and gave words of encouragement to those struggling with sickle cell anemia.

Meanwhile, the Sickle Cell Disease (often called SCD) is an hereditary blood disease/disorder characterized by an abnormality in the oxygen carrying haemoglobin molecules in the red blood cells. A normal red blood cell is disc-shaped and very flexible but in SCD, the red blood cells changes shape and looks more like a sickle or moon crescent.
Because of this shape, they do not move well through the tiny blood vessels. This can stop or slow down blood flow to some parts of the body thereby causing less oxygen flow in the body.

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